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Let’s go on a little tour of the new digs, shall we?

I’m so excited to be here. The prior owner had completely different taste in decorating than I have so there are several things I’m changing or will eventually change as time and money permits.


This condo is a multi-level condo. You enter up the stairs on the middle level. The kitchen and dining room are the two windows above the double garage. The lower level is the master suite. The upper level is the guest suite. In total, there are 26 steps between the top level and the bottom. The condo is built on a hillside and backs up to a greenbelt where, I’m told, deer have been seen to come right up to the bedroom window. I love that!


This view is standing in the living room looking back at the entry. The light fixture on the wall is hideous. Eventually, I’ll find the right replacement light. In this picture, I am quickly covering up the peach and terra cotta colors that the prior owner seemed to love.  (The furnished picture is from the listing photos.)


Here you can see the slider that goes out to the deck


And the deck, decorated by me.


The very first thing I did was get rid of the orange wall. I do have my calming, favorite colors, don’t I?


These are the stairs that lead up half a flight to the kitchen and dining room. Oh, by the way, the floor is a mahogany wood laminate. Not hardwood, but laminate. I guess I’ll have to deal for now. At least it cleans easily.


This is the dining room with a wicked cool ceiling fan. It needs the ceiling fan because those windows get a lot of sun – and heat.


And the piece de resistance:  The 1979 kitchen. I swear these are the original fake wood formica countertops. They will be gone within the year, I hope. The prior owner painted only the cabinet fronts. Weird.


There is this cool little desk area, however. I am using it as my mini-office. It overlooks the family room and gets a lot of light. You can see the 12-foot ceilings and extra set of windows, which open, by the way. How you get that high to open them is a mystery. Actually, you have to have a very tall ladder.


Looking back into the living area from the dining room. (Photo taken when we toured.)


Here’s looking back at the front door. You can see the improvement in the wall color.


Looking up at the stairs. See in the back behind the rails? There is another half flight of stairs that leads up to a guest suite and washer/dryer. It came with a lovely super-capacity stackable washer and dryer. The guest suite includes a full bath. I call it a guest suite because there will be a place for my grandsons to sleep or for friends when they come visit, but in all reality, it will be my sewing room. Woohoo!


Windows looking out to the green belt. I seriously love this view. I think this is what sold me.


Guest half bath on the main level before and after paint color.


These are the stairs leading down to the lower level. Halfway down is the door to the garage. The stairs turn and lead down to the master suite. I will eventually be changing out all those handrails and bannisters. They are weird.


Don’t you love the racing stripes? And the carpet is an olive green. I want a sandy color carpet. Eventually.


Neither do I so they are going, going…




This bedroom is the size of my prior bedroom and bath combined.


And here’s the master bath. This condo has a TON of storage and places for linen – just the opposite of my prior home.


So, there you have it, more or less. I’m happy here. I’m getting used to the climate change as well. Even though I’m only about 200 miles south from where I was, the climate is warmer. It’s more humid, too. I’m acclimating. In more ways than one. I honestly know I’m going to be very happy here and good things will result.

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